How Angry Birds conquered the world ?

How Angry Birds conquered the world ?Angry Birds has been downloaded one billion times, and the company that created it, Rovio Entertainment, exceeded the estimated market value of $ 1 billion. Not talking about technological innovation, but some stupid mobile little games, in which the heads of birds destroy some green pigs heads. How was possible such a thing?

I had to give the article monday , specifically, on September 24. Monday became Thursday and thorough documentation it stopped in the 3 level winter season, Angry Birds Seasons series. When I managed to destroy the last pig face in the game, I’ve switched to Angry Birds Space. The standard version already consumed quickly.

Friday, September 28th, a disturbing news came by way of news agencies: the creators of Angry Birds have released a new game, Bad Piggies, the first after the angry birds success. I resisted the tentation of new, and over the weekend I’ve beat some more records. Again came monday, when I declared defeated, I deleted games on the iPad and iPhone, and I started to write the article.

ANGRY BIRDS ARE ADDICTIVE – Ask Your Target Market, a British online research company says that I am among the 12% of Angry Birds addicts who have treated this dependence by deleting the games. Other 12% of survey respondents said they plan to delete the game, while the remaining 76% did not take any action. But why is so easy to fall prey to these games, that even kindergarten children are handling with great art?

Psychologist Michael Chorost explained in Psychology Today magazine that Angry Birds enslaves our brain in chemical level. Expectation of reward – in this case destroying green pigs using birds heads of different shapes – causes a release of dopamine, which creates a good feeling, but acts as an engine of desire. Moreover, games are such built that we can not predict the extent of rewards: we will destroy all green pigs will explode boxes where they often hide or our success will be more modest? This state of suspense, given by the apparent lack of a pattern, is distracting our nervous system, says Chorost, and makes us the slaves of the angry birds.

Addiction is the golden dream of game designers and drug dealers, and in both cases it is obtained by repetition of gestures. San Francisco Weekly interviewed Mel Joseph Ciena, professor of psychology, that he’s motivating the addiction factor increased of the game by its repetition . Repetitions are essential for human individuals from the age of 6 months. ” What’s repetitive, it’s attractive. That makes a song to be number 1 in the charts “, says Ciena.

And that seems make possible as an application to conquer the world. In 2011, Angry Birds was the most downloaded app on Android and iOS world, surpassing the Facebook.

BIRDS ARE DIFFERENT – Angry Birds do not seem fundamentally different from other games in this category, from Mario to all sorts of Arcade titles. And yet, the creators have invested in more surprising details. First, the game follows the rules of gravity, velocity, mass, just as they are written in the physical manual . Then, the materials – glass, wood, stone – used in the game behave like real ones. This real hidden feeling gives to user comfort.

Then, the response time is different from that of most games based on the destruction of the structure. Nothing happens very fast, instant, though in contemporary games the increased speed means performance. Birds draw wide curve in the air, sometimes slowly, wood chipped slowly and items are falling over each other, leaving you time to meditate on what should be your next move.

The game features an original and full of personality soundtrack . Birds encourages each other. Their voices easily broken ( voice belongs to the designer who drew them ) are superimposed on a positive and obssesing song. Sometimes birds are sobbingly.

Angry Birds is evolving, hence the long time that the application is in the top of the downloads. Since launching in December 2009, Rovio added 84 new levels to the existing 63, making additional special editions for each major holiday ( Christmas or Halloween ).

BIRDS ARE BEAUTIFUL – “What’s up with Angry Birds?” I ask Ice the owner of a restaurant in Thailand that sells omelette-shaped as a head of a Angry Bird. ” Are mega famous, Japanese made them. They are the best at games, they have the hottest designs. Do you have Angry Birds in Romania? ” Yes, we have Angry Birds and they are produced in Finland, not in Japan, but it was useless to argue with Ice, because he, after all, is right.

Heads of the birds could be made by major games producers from Tokyo. The omelet sells well in Thailand, as well as toys and t-shirts, pens, slippers, bras, cups, refreshments with Angry Birds. Licensed or unlicensed, well manufactured and printed in the chinese unsanitary workshops, the angry birds products studded the world.

Heads of birds with anthropomorphic features originate in Espoo, a city in the Gulf of Finland, best known as the headquarters of Nokia. Their designer name is Jaakko Iisalo now the terrific kid of finland IT industry, former musician and illustrator, later converted to video games. Jaakko is Senior Game Designer at Rovio in 2009, the company had already created about 50 games without any success and was threatened by bankruptcy, draw on computer some birds with features borrowed from other animals with human expressions.

He decided that his characters will have only the head, although they were designed to move erratically, initially into a castle. For receiving applause from his colleagues, continued drawing and imagined a scheme game that reminded him of his old passion in adolescence, when he was stick to his Nintendo. The drawings had an instant success and Rovio has decided to invest around 70,000 euros in mobile application development.

BIRDS ARE PROFITABLE – Although birds are called angry, they are cute and quite cheerful. So the pigs in the game. Friendly design has moved from the virtual into the real game. Mattel, the giant toy manufacturer, made a set of plastic birds. There are plush toys and indian shoe manufacturer Batta will launch the Angry Birds line . At the end of 2011, the sales rhythm for inscribed t-shirts and toys stood at an average of one million pieces per month.

In mid 2012, 30% of the revenue growth of Rovio Entertainment came from commodities other than mobile games themselves and the company becomes a complex media outlet from a producer of mobile applications . Rovio’s ambitions can be deducted from their marketing director statement, Peter Vesterbacka, that ” Angry Birds is bigger than Mickey Mouse “. It’s not bigger, but Finns seem to go in the path already trodden by the Disney animated series and fun parks. This year, two official parks were launched in Finland and the UK, and one unlicensed in Hunan province, China. The near future also means a feature-length animation, a TV show and a chain of themed restaurants.

Financial data for 2012 are not yet available, but the company has grown tremendously since the launch of the application. If in 2010 Rovio had 50 employees and $ 10 million income in 2011, had grown to 350 employees, revenues of $ 100 million and profits of nearly 50. Sounds like a gold mine, although Rovio owners said in a interview for The Telegraph that the success has not made them millionaires yet and their main goal is to grow the brand.

Angry Birds, Funny Facts   :

–    The British Prime Minister David Cameron, who uses an iPad to read the news, said he played all levels of Angry Birds in order to get rid of stress.
–    A textile company has put on the market Angry Birds bras , the right cup has drawned a red bird, and on the left a green pig.
–    London Philharmonic Orchestra performed the theme music of the game. Angry Birds was created by four people in eight months.
–    At Rovio is a game tester supra-called Rovio Killer, who liked games that invariably proved to be failures. It had such a bad reaction to Angry Birds so that his colleagues were sure that the game is good.
–    Mother over 60 of one of the founders played Angry Birds the entire weekend before the official release. It was the first video game she ever played.
–    Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio is nicknamed Mighty Eagle after one of the games birds.

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