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How to Travel within London at a Reasonable Price

If you’ve proposed tHow to Travel within London at a Reasonable Priceo visit London, public transportation is the most convenient solution to travel far and wide within the metropolis.

Probably unlike other European cities, London provides relatively expensive means of transportation, but luckily there are ways to reduce final costs. Therefore, booking a taxi from London to Stansted airport on and fly back home, don’t hesitate to see all of what London has to offer.

When traveling by tube in London, there is a wide range of options available that might seem complicated at first. It is good to know for starters that any of the choices has the price depending on the number of zones passed by with the tube.

The map of the underground railway in London consists of a series of concentrically disposed zones, starting with the center of the city that represents zone 1. The more zones you will surpass (or the further you go from the center), the more costly will be the trip. (more…)

Long distance on London taxi transfers?

Long distance on London taxi transfers?One of the biggest problems of the world today is the mobility. We all have cars, big ones, refined ones, powerful ones, in which we trust when it comes to go to a place, or to another. Of course, in some cases we can not take our cars with us, and this may be a small or a big inconvenient, depending on the situation.

We all are dependent of wheels, of the movement, and we are really frightened to be kept in one place against our will. Let’s take an example. If you go to a party, you will take you car, obviously with you. But if you want to drink at that party, you are forced to get back home with a taxi, or with a friend, or you must use another solution. On this principle we may find resemblance even in the long distance rides, such as going somewhere by plane, or by train.

Which is the other solution for those cases? Go to and you will find here the answer. We had the exact question in our mind, but by making a visit to this site we realised that you can be mobile even without having your own car at your disposal. (more…)