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Concurenta in mediul online

Concurenta in mediul onlineConcurenta furnizeaza informatii importante pentru calea spre succes si pentru strategia pe care o companie ar trebui sa o urmeze.

Acesta este un pas foarte important si o strategie de SEO pentru orice site care vrea succes online. Impreuna cu optimizarea on page realizata pe motoarele de cautare, de link building si de promovarea in retelele de socializare si analiza concurentei este un element indispensabil pentru toate strategiile de promovare online. Pentru mai multe informatii va recomandam It Exclusiv.

Analiza concurentei reprezinta o buna cunoastere a unei nise pe care vreti sa va faceti loc si buna cunoastere a celor aflati pe respectiva nisa. De asemenea va trebui sa cunoasteti continutul de pe site-uri si modul in care este abordat SEO-ul de acestea. (more…)

Why expired domains are extremely valuable to you?

Why expired domains are extremely valuable to you?Did you know that there are over 644 Million active websites on the Internet? That’s right. And that number comes from a survey done over 2 years ago. So the up-to-date number is certainly even higher than that today.

Have you ever thought about how many of those millions and millions of sites are either put up for auction by domain registrars or simply expire? There are thousands and thousands of them that do every single day.

And have you ever thought about how many of those have PageRank, solid backlinks pointing to them and even traffic still coming in?

As Internet Marketers whe often think that a domain that has expired, or one that is being auctioned off, is the result of it having little to no value. But in reality, most of the domains out there are not registered and used by Internet Marketers like us! (more…)