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Vacanta ieftina versus vacanta scumpa

Astazi vedem cateva deosebiri intre o vacanta ieftina si o vacanta scumpa, de lux. Doua extreme care parca imparte foarte bine doua categorii de turisti.

Prima este, binenteles, de pret. Evident, nu? Da nu la asta ne vom referi. Sa luam mai intai vacanta scumpa. Asta e ceva despre care poti sa spui ca te rasfata si-ti face toate mofturile in materie de confort. Si cand zicem confort zicem cazare si masa buna.


City break de vis in Viena

Este timpul sa te pregatesti pentru sezonul rece in Viena, unde spiritul sarbatorilor de iarna este resimtit peste tot. Pregateste-te din timp pentru un city break in Viena,  plin de magie, culori si miros de scortisoara. Mai jos descoperi un mic ghid cu locuri de vizitat si lucruri de facut intr-un city break in Viena.

Fie ca iti doresti un city break sau o calatorie mai lunga, indiferent de cate ori ai mai fost inainte in locatia respectiva, exista o gramada de locuri noi si de lucruri de facut de fiecare data.


Take a walk in the park… in London

Take a walk in the park... in LondonLondon, a dream destination, deserves your undivided attention when deciding where to go travelling this year.

It is one city that overflows with tourist attractions, which you can look up at London airport transfers to gather more information and become more knowledgeable. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also more than satisfactory regarding all of the museums and historical landmarks you can visit and activities you can try out.

However, one thing that London is very much renowned for is the parks that lie all over this city. The point is that you don’t have to spend money to get the real British experience. A simple day spent jogging or walking or having a picnic in one of these grand parks will be remembered forever, for it is in simplicity that lies true meaning. (more…)

London, a remarkable destination for your holiday

London,  a remarkable destination for your holidayIn London, the old and the new buildings coexist in a beautiful architectural style that reminds you of the past and the heritage of the city, but offers you a perspective of modern times.

One of the most vibrant cities in the world in the English capital London, where a taxi to Gatwick airport can be easily found.

You can always find something to visit here and you will have the possibility to visit beautiful places in you amazing city. Here a visit to see a West End show should not miss from your schedule. Here you can see, including a taxi to Gatwick airport, the best performers and shows in the entire world. You can always find something pleasant in London, whether it is a show, a museum,  theatre or a pub. (more…)

Why should you visit the oldest part of London?

Why-should-you-visit-the-oldest-part-ofLondonLondon is the perfect city for an adventurous holiday, as well as for a historical one. Like any city with an increased tourist potential, in London there are multiple transport facilities, such as Airport transfers London, taxis, buses, subway, trains. These will help you easily go from one touristic objective to another.

A special place in London is the oldest part if the city. Here you’ll discover a special atmosphere, along with impressive buildings, that have survived the passage of time. The City or Square Mile is the oldest place of London. It was established around AD50, just seven years after Romans invaded Britain. (more…)

How to Travel within London at a Reasonable Price

If you’ve proposed tHow to Travel within London at a Reasonable Priceo visit London, public transportation is the most convenient solution to travel far and wide within the metropolis.

Probably unlike other European cities, London provides relatively expensive means of transportation, but luckily there are ways to reduce final costs. Therefore, booking a taxi from London to Stansted airport on and fly back home, don’t hesitate to see all of what London has to offer.

When traveling by tube in London, there is a wide range of options available that might seem complicated at first. It is good to know for starters that any of the choices has the price depending on the number of zones passed by with the tube.

The map of the underground railway in London consists of a series of concentrically disposed zones, starting with the center of the city that represents zone 1. The more zones you will surpass (or the further you go from the center), the more costly will be the trip. (more…)