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How Angry Birds conquered the world ?

How Angry Birds conquered the world ?Angry Birds has been downloaded one billion times, and the company that created it, Rovio Entertainment, exceeded the estimated market value of $ 1 billion. Not talking about technological innovation, but some stupid mobile little games, in which the heads of birds destroy some green pigs heads. How was possible such a thing?

I had to give the article monday , specifically, on September 24. Monday became Thursday and thorough documentation it stopped in the 3 level winter season, Angry Birds Seasons series. When I managed to destroy the last pig face in the game, I’ve switched to Angry Birds Space. The standard version already consumed quickly.

Friday, September 28th, a disturbing news came by way of news agencies: the creators of Angry Birds have released a new game, Bad Piggies, the first after the angry birds success. I resisted the tentation of new, and over the weekend I’ve beat some more records. Again came monday, when I declared defeated, I deleted games on the iPad and iPhone, and I started to write the article. (more…)