How to take care of a wooden house?

How to take care of a wooden house?A wooden house was until a few years ago a real fad, a possibility that only the people with a certain financial situation and with a certain social status could afford.

In time this hypothesis had changed, and the more common trend today is to build wooden houses ready to welcome anyone inside at very advantageous prices.

These constructions are very modern and trendy, and looking at this current we noticed that in France for example if you are looking for houses made of you you will find the so called EcoKit Maison Bois dans le France , a concept of which in fact represents the initiative of a company to sell houses made of wood.

For those who want to build a house of this certainly type, the issue raises a lot of questions. Will something like EcoKit Maison Bois dans le France cost a lot? What about the maintenance costs? And what if I want to treat this house like a common one? Can I protect it from the frost? Or from the rain or sun?

The answers to those questions are easy picks. First off all, you will need to know that a house made of wood can prove itself to be more advantageous than one made of concrete. Why is that? It is easy.

If you make a balance between the costs for the materials you will see that a concrete house is more expensive that one made of wood. The final results will show you that the cubic meters of concrete will raise above all the expenses that you can encounter in case a house made of wood.

In case you are asking yourself about the works that need to be done in order to have a clean and dry house, well we can tell you that you can carry out a waterproofing exactly as in the concrete house case.

There are at the moment on the market a lot of products that can be used both on wood, metal or concrete surfaces. We are talking about the liquid applied polymeric membranes that are developed especially for the waterproofing of the roofs, balconies, terraces or garages, leaving us without care in the issue constituted by the negative effect of the water.

The same thing happens in case of the heat insulation or the phonic insulation. A lot of products meet today the requirements of the buildings, even if we are talking about a concrete house, or a masonry one or about a house made of wood.

Another question that arises is the following. What happens if you place a fireplace in this house?  Is wood fire resistant? Well, in this case there are solutions, and this because the wood used is not only fireproof, but is covered by other layers which serve not only decorative but also protective. so you are fully protected, and care about the possible emergence is blurred.

It is not very hard to take care of a building made of wood. In our days they are made in such way that you can have the safety regarding their use, and you can leave in it without any other cares. The most important thing thought is to feel secure in your own home, and the comfort to be one at the highest standards.

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