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Lumea gaming-ului profesionist a avansat extrem de mult

Lumea gaming-ului profesionist a avansat extrem de multLumea gaming-ului profesionist a avansat extrem de mult in ultimul deceniu si acum multi se pot considera gameri de profesie si ajung la salarii exorbitante din concursuri si din sponsorizari.

Evenimentele de genu PGL tour si Dota Championship au ajuns sa fie chiar televizate de post-uri TV sportive cum ar fi ESPN si Fox sports si au audienta maxima in perioada finalelor.

Reclamele sunt aproape la fel de scumpe ca la mega evenimentul Super Bowl si continua sa creasca pe an ce trece. Jucatorii profesionisti de jocuri precum League of legends sau Dota au inceput sa aiba un statut de superstar deja si sunt foarte cautati pentru aparitii televizate cum ar fi talk show-uri. (more…)

How Angry Birds conquered the world ?

How Angry Birds conquered the world ?Angry Birds has been downloaded one billion times, and the company that created it, Rovio Entertainment, exceeded the estimated market value of $ 1 billion. Not talking about technological innovation, but some stupid mobile little games, in which the heads of birds destroy some green pigs heads. How was possible such a thing?

I had to give the article monday , specifically, on September 24. Monday became Thursday and thorough documentation it stopped in the 3 level winter season, Angry Birds Seasons series. When I managed to destroy the last pig face in the game, I’ve switched to Angry Birds Space. The standard version already consumed quickly.

Friday, September 28th, a disturbing news came by way of news agencies: the creators of Angry Birds have released a new game, Bad Piggies, the first after the angry birds success. I resisted the tentation of new, and over the weekend I’ve beat some more records. Again came monday, when I declared defeated, I deleted games on the iPad and iPhone, and I started to write the article. (more…)