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What to expect from investing in shopping centers?

What to expect from investing in shopping centers?Retail is one of the sectors that benefits from both foreign and local investors. The situation is shown as still improving driven by a rising demand, based on the diversification of customer needs and behaviours and rises in income due to higher wages.

It is estimated that retail sales will increase in Romania in the next five years, with a rate between 6.1% and 6.2% per year. Studies on the market show that even if the Romanian economy is volatile, the government has made good progress in terms of the tax system and the budget deficit in the previous years.

The unemployment rate is eelatively low, 7.4%, and the density of shopping centers is among the lowest compared to other markets (84 mp/1.000 inhabitants), offering good development opportunities.At the same time,the yield on the market of shopping centers in Bucharest is 8.75%, the largest of markets, after Dublin, this being a very strong reason to consider investing in shopping centers in Bucharest , the only thing remaining isĀ  to search for the right offer. (more…)