Why expired domains are extremely valuable to you?

Why expired domains are extremely valuable to you?Did you know that there are over 644 Million active websites on the Internet? That’s right. And that number comes from a survey done over 2 years ago. So the up-to-date number is certainly even higher than that today.

Have you ever thought about how many of those millions and millions of sites are either put up for auction by domain registrars or simply expire? There are thousands and thousands of them that do every single day.

And have you ever thought about how many of those have PageRank, solid backlinks pointing to them and even traffic still coming in?

As Internet Marketers whe often think that a domain that has expired, or one that is being auctioned off, is the result of it having little to no value. But in reality, most of the domains out there are not registered and used by Internet Marketers like us!

There are many sites that have recently expired or are auctioned off at dirt cheap prices every single day that not only have PageRank, but have the natural backlink patterns that Google likes to see. And they’re ripe for the picking!

How do you find them? There are many sources and auction sites out there like: GoDaddy Auctions and DynaDot Auctions.

Between those two sites you’ll find thousands of expired domains and unexpired domains that you can pick up for as little as $10!

However, there are a few things you want to be careful of!

1. Spammy Backlinks: Some domains DO expire, or are sold at auction, because the previous owner spammed the URL to death. To avoid this you’ll want to check the backlinks of the domain before registering it, to make sure the anchor text isn’t spammy and that the backinks aren’t pure spam.

2. Make sure the domain is still indexed in Google. If not, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has been penalized, but if it IS indexed, then you know it’s not.

3. Make sure the backlinks are relevant to what you want to do with the site. The more relevent, the better (obviously).

I’ll be sending a few more emails this week to give you a little more insight on what exactly to look for in order to dig up gold nuggets on these auction sites!

I’ll also be explaining how you can build your own Private PR blog network using expired domains. So stay tuned!

But the big question now is: “What should I look for when examining domain auctions and expired domain listings?”

So that is the question I am going to answer right now.

When looking through domain auctions and expired domain listings, there are several things that are important, which I take into consideration:

–> Go for domains that currently have backlinks showing up in ahrefs.com. Their data is very fresh.

–> Check the number of referring domains when analyzing the backlinks! You will find that some sites have thousands of backlinks, but they are coming from only a handful of domains.

–> Check the relevance of the backlinks! Many sites were used for spamming and the backlink relevance will tell you whether that is the case or not.

–> Check the anchor text breakdown. If any keyword(s) is used a high percentage of the time, then that’s bad news these days. You want to see a nice, natural anchor text breakdown that includes the “naked” URL in there and other natural anchors.

–> Check to see if the domain is still indexed in Google. If it is an expired domain, then this doesn’t necessarily mean it is flagged, but if it is indexed then you know it is most likely in good standing.

–> Check for fake PageRank. Some people will redirect a fresh domain to an existing domain with PR, causing that fresh domain to obtain that visual toolbar PR, when in reality the domain has little to no authority.

–> Plug the site into archive.org to see if there are any previous screenshots of the site. This will give you a better idea of what the site was used for.

–> See when the domain expired (if it has already). The more recent the better.

–> Make the new site as relevant to the old site (by checking the previous content at archive.org and the backlink relevance) as possible. The more relevant, the better.

There are many other things you can look for, but these are what I consider to be the most important points to look at.

Take them into consideration and you will end up with some great domains!

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