Why should you visit the oldest part of London?

Why-should-you-visit-the-oldest-part-ofLondonLondon is the perfect city for an adventurous holiday, as well as for a historical one. Like any city with an increased tourist potential, in London there are multiple transport facilities, such as Airport transfers London, taxis, buses, subway, trains. These will help you easily go from one touristic objective to another.

A special place in London is the oldest part if the city. Here you’ll discover a special atmosphere, along with impressive buildings, that have survived the passage of time. The City or Square Mile is the oldest place of London. It was established around AD50, just seven years after Romans invaded Britain.

Today you can see the remains of the City’s Roman wall in different location. The Romans called it Londinium and was the perfect place for business, due to its location. The City became known as an important center of commerce that has attracted important tradesman on the shores of Thames River.

If you are in London, it is a pity you don’t have a look at the historical buildings of this beautiful city. In this way, you will discover the Guildhall Art Gallery. It had been established in 1886 as a “Collection of Art Treasures worthy of the capital”. Today it offers you the possibility to admire works that are dated from 1670 to the present.

You can admire here amazing paintings that illustrate the dramatic history of London, along with seventeenth century portraits. In addition, you can step into the ruins of London’s Roman Amphitheater that has a great history.

London’s Roman Amphitheater was lost for centuries, but the original walls were discovered but archaeologists in 1988. It is open every day so that you can see these ancient remains and create a more realistic view of the Roman architecture.

There are many reasons for you to visit the City of London and the ancient remains speak for themselves. London is not only a city of history and culture, but also a city perfect for amusement and recreation.

Most important, visiting historic buildings in London, as well as the London’s Roman Amphitheatre, is free.

Therefore, you will not have to spend any money, while you enjoy some of the most beautiful buildings of the world.Also, you will have quick access to important tourist objectives just by using public transportation.

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Along with its historical building, London has many restaurant, club, pubs, shops, coffee shops, and beautiful streets we can visit. Indoor and outdoor attractions are various, so that each tourist can find something very interesting to do.

If you have not yet succeeded to visit London, it is a pity not to pass on the list of your future holiday destination.

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